6 Canadian March Break ideas

If you didn’t get a chance to book a destination vacation this upcoming March Break, don’t worry as there are plenty of places you can go in Canada that won’t cost as much as Disney World but can be equally as fun for the kids.


1.    Great Wolf Lodge
If you want to do something that’s kinda like sitting by a pool, Great Wolf Lodge is one of your best bets. With amenities including an indoor water park, and multiple pools, this will make you feel like you’re on a vacation minus the sun. This resort also offers arcades, spas, and fitness centers!

2.    Americana Resort & Spa
Something that isn’t as kid oriented is definitely Americana. Also located in Niagra Falls, this resort also offers a kid friendly waterpark. But, includes different kinds of restaurants such as Fields Bistro and Boston Pizza. This resort is also known for their luxury spas so drop the kids off at the water slide and get a massage!

3.    Blue Mountain
Maybe you’re not into the summer activitis. Maybe you love winter. The perfect place to go for winter activities is Blue Mountain. They offer an endless amount of activities such as skiing, snowboarding. They also offer a great nightlife for couples who want to go out and have a drink or two.

4.    Hockley Valley Ski Resort
Whether your planning a wedding, or just want to hit the slopes, Hockley Valley Ski Resort is perfect for any occasion. They also offer outdoor activites such as skiing and snowboarding.  But also have a variety of venues you can hold events such as weddings at. Many spas and deluxe eateries are also available. 

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5.    Quebec City
Road trip with your family this winter to Quebec City.  If you’re in to old buildings and funky architecture, it’s definitely the place to be. It’s historic vibe will make you lose your breath every moment you’re in the city.  There’s lots of outdoor skating as well so be sure to pack a pair of skates!

6.    Banff
Again if you’re someone who enjoys the wonderful outdoors, heading to Banff will fill all your outdoor needs. Banff during the winter is amazing because its hardcore winter in the rockies, what more could you ask for? With many trails and sites to see, you’ll never get bored.

Although finding things to do March Break can be challenging, there’s still many activities you can do without paying an arm and a leg.