4 benefits of online shopping


Many of us dislike waiting in lines as it may ruin the shopping experience for us. But with online shopping, you can skip the long lineups and save yourself some time.  Here are the top 4 benefits of online shopping:

Saving Time
Shopping online saves us valuable time. Why worry about having to go out and miss a show when you can save yourself that trip and just shop online. Saving time shopping online can also mean saving time on food and transportation.

More Comfort
Online shopping is much more comfortable when you can do it from the convenience of your bed at 12 pm or 2 a.m. and in your pjs. If you're sick and don't want to leave the house, you can do some online shopping. If you're in a rush, good ol' online shopping can be your best friend.


More Variety
When searching the web, we often find a bigger variety of what were looking for. Sometimes the internet can show us the latest styles and clothing available. It can also show us what stores carry the certain items.

Comparing Prices
As always we want the cutest and latest look but often don’t want to the spend what its priced at. When shopping online, it allows us to simply compare prices to other stores. This saves us a lot of money
One online shopping fanatic was more than happy to speak about why she prefers shopping online. Sara Yassawi, a York University business student, is a chronic online shopper. Although Yassawi does not have a large media following yet, she is still an influencer among her peers and colleagues. Since becoming a student, Sara has not had adequate time to shop at retail locations as much as she would like. Slowly and hesitantly she has turned to online shopping and now considers herself an expert. Yassawi has purchased everything from clothing and beauty products to household items online.  

So If you’re ever looking for some good and top rated online shops here are a few that I’ve personally had a great experience with in the past; Fashion Nova, Miss guided, Sephora, NYX and JustFab. Remember you can shop online, skip the lines and be comfortable at 2 am while eating ice cream.