Modern Mississauga presents Way Back Wednesdays - The History of Holderness Street … I mean, Derry Road

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Today’s topic is the history of Holderness Street … I mean, Derry Road.

Modern Mississauga Derry Road, looking west, Meadowvale Village, c1895 (1).jpg

East-west concession roads in the New Survey of Toronto Township were not originally named, but rather were numbered. It quickly became custom to refer to the roads by names of the prominent places they intersected with: for example, Britannia Road took its name because it led to the hamlet of Britannia, and many locals referred to it, unofficially, as the Britannia Sideroad. One exception, albeit one that did not catch on, is that of Derry Road … or should we say Holderness Street? When the survey of the old Malton town site was completed by John Stoughton Dennis in 1856, the Government Road allowance for what would become Derry Road was named “Holderness Street” on the survey. This name, apparently, never caught on, as the locals came to refer to it as the Derry West Sideroad (as it led to the burgeoning village of Derry West). This name was later shortened in the 1960s, officially, to Derry Road, and applied to the whole length.

Modern Mississauga Derry West - Looking East along Derry Road, c1900.jpg

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