Six summer jobs for students in Mississauga

This year has been flying by.and it’s hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. Although all students love a break from the endless tests and papers that the school year brings, summer can bring a new challenge - boredom. We’ve all felt it, that feeling of having nothing to do because you feel as though you’ve already done everything. Well, to combat the familiar feelings of summer boredom, below are six summer jobs that will be a great use of your time while also gaining you some extra cash.

1. Camp Counsellor

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Calling students who are naturally outgoing, enjoy taking on responsibility and love to have fun; being a camp counsellor is the job for you! Whether you’re interested in nature and exploring or would prefer to stay indoors and lead activities, there is so much important work to be done as a camp counsellor. Although there are many high expectations to be met when working in this position, the rewards that come with being looked up to as a role model by campers are immensely gratifying! 

Perks of the job include:
•    Being constantly immersed in nature
•    The opportunity to teach campers new skills
•    Making meaningful memories as well as experiences that you will remember for life

2. Babysitter

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Since kids are out of school for the summer, many parents face the same dilemma every year of finding someone or somewhere to watch their kids. It is for this reason that babysitters are in such a high demand during summer. This job is also perfect for students because it allows them to take on responsibilities that they would normally not have. Additionally, to become a certified babysitter, students need only take one course and they will receive a certificate that they can present to parents to prove they have the proper skills to take care of their child. 

Perks of the job include: 
•    Becoming a role model to children;
•    The chance to engage with members of your community while gaining potential references.

3. Tutor

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Although school is out for most, learning never stops, and summer is the perfect time for students to brush up their skills before the new school year starts. This gives older students the perfect opportunity to tutor those kids who wish to further their education over the break.

Perks of the job include: 
•    The ability to make your own hours
•     The ability to utilize your strengths in a particular subject area
•    The opportunity to network and connect with parents/students in your community


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For many people, summer is the best season to go shopping – whether it be for fresh food, warm weather clothing, or vacation necessities. With this increase in traffic to stores many retailers and grocery stores look to hire students for part-time or seasonal positions over the summer break. 

Perks of the job include: 
•    A new and exciting work environment;
•    The ability to meet new people;
•    The chance to gain new skills
•    Possibly, employee discounts. 

5. Neighbourhood Manual Labourer

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If you’re one who enjoys spending as much of their summer vacation outdoors, a manual labour job would likely be of interest to you. These jobs, such as gardener, landscaper, painter, and dog-walker, require the worker to not only work outside, but also enjoy spending most of their day in the fresh summer air. The demand for these jobs are also high as many adults would appreciate the help of a student in their community to complete some of the tasks they may not have time to get to themselves. 

Perks of the job include: 
•    The ability to make your own hours;
•    The ability to choose where you would like to work;
•    The ability to charge your own rate;  
•    The opportunity to get paid while spending your time in the warm summer weather. 

6. Entrepreneur

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Modern technologies and the internet has made e-commerce one of the main ways that people shop. It is for this reason that students may be inclined to start their own small on-line business over the summer as a way to earn some extra cash. These businesses could sell practically anything; from home-made products, such as baked goods, to hand-crafted clothes and accessories. Of course these businesses could also thrive without being online; however, the benefits of opening an on-line store on websites such as Etsy are endless, especially because of the limited over-head costs. 

Perks of the job include: 
•    The ability to make your own hours;
•    The choice to decide all aspects of your business (what will it be, the price of the products, who will be able to purchase the products, etc.);
•    The chance to utilize your skills while also gaining new business knowledge.