Modern Mississauga presents Fire Tip Friday - 9 fireworks safety tips

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One of your favourite childhood Canada Day memories may have been staying up late to watch your neighbourhood fireworks show from your front lawn, sparkler in hand.

What your parents may not have known back then is how dangerous sparklers are for children. Fire and fireworks should only be handled by adults.
No exceptions.
Your parents may not have known this but make sure that you don’t ever forget it.

To minimize the risk of fire and burn injuries, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services does not recommend family fireworks or informal neighbourhood displays. Instead, attend a public fireworks show – there are many to choose from in Mississauga this weekend.

However, if you do choose to host a family or community show this Canada Day, be sure to keep the memories happy by following a few simple tips.

1.    Choose an area that measures at least 30 by 30 meters and is free of obstructions.

2.    Carefully read the instructions on each fireworks package.

3.    Check wind direction and wind speed and keep a large pail of water nearby.

4.    For a good launching site bury the device up to half its length in the ground or in a pail or box filled with earth or sand.

5.    During the show, wear safety goggles.

6.    Keep all spectators at least 20 m away.

7.    Do not allow children to set off fireworks.

8.    Never attempt to set off fireworks that have misfired. Wait 30 minutes then place them in a bucket of water.

9.    Do not put fireworks in your pockets, do not throw them and do not keep them in your hands.

Did You Know

Sparklers burn very hot, can ignite clothing, cause blindness and severely burn skin. Make memories in other, safer ways and keep sparklers away from kids.

If you have any questions about fire safety, please contact Mississauga’s Fire Prevention Office at 905-896-5908 or and follow us on Twitter @MississaugaFES.