6 vital keys to success as shared by Mohamad Fakih, founder and President of Paramount Fine Foods

Mohamad Fakih Modern Mississauga Media.jpg

A true Canadian success story, Mohamad Fakih, founder and President of Paramount Fine Foods, arrived in Canada with very little and through perseverance, hard work and ambition, has created a global chain of restaurants, along with a strong, positive and inspiring reputation. 

In a recent interview with Mississauga's Economic Development Office, he shared his six keys to success:

  1. Find a mentor and gain experience.
  2. Don’t sell a customer, build a relationship.
  3. Be courageous and take on new opportunities, it could be your destiny; Don’t just dream; plan.
  4. The bottom line is to have a positive bottom line. To be sustainable, to stay alive, to continue to employ people, you need to be profitable.
  5. Build a great team and culture. Hire the best. Don’t settle for second best.
  6. Build a stronger community and give back until it hurts.

With philanthropy playing a prominent role in both his personal and professional life, Fakih has earned a reputation as a builder within our community and abroad. 

Be ambitious, be bold, be responsible, be involved, be engaging, be generous and take care of your community.

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