The Halal Guys restaurant sets up shop in Mississauga

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Originating in New York City in 1990, The Halal Guys quickly developed a cult-like following, attracting “around the block” lines to their food carts across Manhattan. The red-and-yellow food carts are famous for generous servings of Middle Eastern dishes, and recognized worldwide for their white and hot sauces. They're quickly converting the food-cart concept into fast-casual dining locations. 

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Guests can enjoy delicious gyros, wraps, falafel, platters and more.
The ultra-popular Middle Eastern restaurant will open on Friday, August 3rd on the NorthEast corner of Mavis and Brittania...specifically 6045 Mavis Road, Unit 6.

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A huge attraction is the simplicity of their menu, pictured below:

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As mentioned above, they started as a small food truck in NYC in 1990 and they've been successful in keeping that small but strong menu approach. The yellow and red colours are a nod to the NYC taxi drivers, as cabbies were a huge part of their initial customer base nearly 30 years ago.
Another benefit is that they're easily able to maintain consistency in their food and ingredients, which is crucial in the food scene. You could visit all of their locations around the world and you'll get the same, flavourful tastes as you do in Mississauga.

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The owners are first cousins - Zikar Momin, Imran Momin, Alveen Momin and Averroes Momin. They own the in Toronto as well.

Why Mississauga?
After poring over their customer base and where they came from (which included various cities along the 401 and in the GTHA) they found that a strong number of guests came from Mississauga. Since the demand was there, they opted for this prime location in Heartland, given the high traffic area and the numerous surrounding office buildings. And of course, the plethora of retail locations which will attract hungry shoppers.

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They're not like a typical shawarma place - they don't serve directly from the spit. Instead, they heat the meat on the grill, add the fresh toppings and serve it up. They marinade their meat for 12 hours, which provides a delicious meal.  

The 2,000+ square foot restaurant seats 30 but feel free to get your order to-go and enjoy it back at the office, at home or at one of Mississauga's hundreds of public parks.

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Once this location is up and running smoothly, expect to see another location somewhere in our food-centric city.

Visit their Facebook page to keep up with them.