Learn about ArtWorkX 2018

Midway Through.jpg

ArtWorkX is coming back for another year on July 14, from 4-10pm, at Celebration Square,.

ArtWorkX, Mississauga’s first city initiated art project, is a public art performance where four artists take the city’s infrastructure materials and create one large installation work of art. The artists, CGhirardo, Nisreen Askar, Kal Honey, and Gaya Kairos, will begin working on their own and then assimilate their individual creations into one work of art. This performance is free and open to the public to witness the evolution taking place. The public is free to take pictures, take videos, and at the end of the performance, will be allowed to walk around the final piece of art and talk to the artists about the process and final installation piece.

The artists will be pushing their own personal imagination and take ArtWorkX to a another level.

Final Piece.jpg

Music will be provided by local DJ, Stoo-Ie, and the artists will have individual art for sale. The final art work created from the infrastructure materials will also be available for sale and the public will be able to purchase any individual pieces.