Medical Monday - Where do you stand with your feet? Relieving foot pain


Feet. They carry us every day. What would people experience if they walked a day in
your shoes? Would they experience pain?
To get the right treatment for foot pain, you will need to first consider what is causing the
pain. Here are some simple relief tips for common foot pain problems:


A bone and soft tissue deformity of the foot can cause pain. You can wear a
splint at night to hold the toe straight and ease discomfort. When the bunion is irritated,
and painful, warm socks and ice packs may help. Be sure to stretch your toe and apply
a topical pain relief gel or cream.

Calluses and Corns
Cracks, bleeding or infection on the bottom of your feet are
caused by hard dry skin. Soaking your feet in warm water, using a pumice stone, and
applying a moisturizing lotion on hard spots can help.
Hammer Toe: Your genetic predisposition, your shoes, or an underlying medical
condition can make you susceptible to developing deformities of the toes. Surgery is
the best way to permanently fix a hammertoe but there are other fixes including wearing
sensible shoes, using a pumice stone to treat corns or calluses, and doing foot


Plantar Fasciitis
Your heels or the bottom of your feet hurt when the tissue on the
base of your foot gets inflamed. To help ease the pain, it is important to keep weight off
your foot and rest until the inflammation goes down. Applying ice is the best way to
treat inflammation. Athletic tape inserts or orthotics can give you extra cushion and
added support.

Some medical conditions can cause or contribute to foot pain. Be sure to speak to your
physician to evaluate and treat conditions such as diabetes, neuropathy, rheumatoid
arthritis or any condition that causes lower limb swelling such as cardiovascular
Since your very first step, you have been moving around your life on your own two feet.
When your feet are not working to their full potential, the effects can be felt throughout
your body. Take steps to relieve your pain before it stops you. There are many
products available that treat the above issues including heel cushions, heel cups,
sprays, gels, foot soaks, gels, tired leg formulas, toenail fungus creams and more.


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