Dentistry in Streetsville hosts "Freezie Stand" for Sick Kids Hospital


Our names are Yeraz (age 14) and Lalig (age 12) Tahtadjian and, on the 23rd of August 2018 from 10 - 6, we will be selling freezies to people in Streetsville and donating the money we make to the Sick Kids foundation.

Every year since we were 8 and 6 years old, we have endeavored to do something to give to those in need. Over the years, we have participated in the Ride for Heart, which donates to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, we have created our own lemonade stand, which also raised funds for Sick Kids, and, lastly, have visited orphanages in Armenia to distribute basic living essentials to the children living in isolated villages.

We enjoy donating to the Sick Kids foundation as we can relate to the children in these circumstances. Lalig has needed, in the past, to go to the Sick Kids hospital for care and has realized the situation that these children are in. Together, we decided, once again, to donate to the Sick Kids foundation.

We will have a booth in front of 100 Queen Street South in Streetsville to sell freezies to those who walk by and we, along with many of our friends, will be walking around Streetsville selling freezies to nearby businesses. Dentistry in Streetsville, the main supporter of our event has promised to match every dollar donated up to $1,500.

We have contacted many businesses such as Cyncorp Developments, and Dentistry in Streetsville and they have promised to support us in our fundraising.

We will also have some dignitaries visiting. George Carlson has promised to attend at 10 am, Nina Tangri’s staff will be representing her and helping us walking around Streetsville promoting our cause, Bonnie Crombie is coming at 2 pm, and we are in contact with Gagan Sikand.