4 Fundamental Back to School Apps


With back to school season upon us and nearly everyone having a smartphone, we’ve put together four fundamental apps to help you be productive and knowledgeable this and every year.
In fact, parents can benefit from using these apps as well!



This note taking/transcribing app is relatively new and has enjoyed rave reviews from Mashable, PCMag, CNET and Tech Crunch.  The app lets you record live audio, view transcriptions in real time and even scroll back to see anything you may have missed. Impressively, you can even take pictures as you’re recording for that visual boost.  With time being more and more valuable in the modern world, Otter can give you more by giving you 600 minutes of free transcriptions per month.
There’s a premium paid plan for $9.99/month or $79.99 yearly and the free version has in-app purchases available.

Sleep Better


Getting quality sleep is crucial to being at your best during the day and the free Sleep Better app arms you with information about tracking your sleep cycles.  Integrated with Apple Health, you’re able to develop a stronger understanding of how you sleep by simply putting your device next to your pillow before falling asleep…it even works in Airplane mode! If you’re not getting enough rest, this app will help you understand your sleep rhythms and then you’ll be able to make tweaks to your routine to get better quality rest.

Habit Tracker


It’s one thing to set goals and create habits but they’re not effective unless you monitor your progress, which is where Habit Tracker comes in. This free app is the “Webby Award 2018” winner in the productivity category and has a 4.5 star rating with nearly 3,000 reviews. It’s easy to use, customizable and most importantly, you can track your habits and watch your progress.  If you’re looking to be efficient, consistent and effective at creating and maintaining new habits, definitely check out this app.



Understanding and managing your finances, regardless of how much you earn, will stay with you throughout life. Mint’s free app blends your income, bank accounts, cards, bills, etc. in an easy to understand and manage app. Create smarter budgets, see exactly where and how your money is spent and always be current on your transactions.
Whether you’re saving for a new car, guitar or vacation, Mint’s easy to use and understand app gives you consistent clarity into your financial picture, giving you the ability to become fully in control of your finances.