Mississauga band One In The Chamber releases their debut album

One In The Chamber is releasing their debut studio EP, I’ve Got Something To Say… on September 22nd. Hot on the heels of their last two albums The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos and Live From The Rockpile from 2017 — the local rock outfit recorded their latest work of music, over a year in the making, at Toronto’s Phase One Studios with Murray Daigle at the helm, mixing, mastering, engineering and producing.

I've Got Something To Say... Album Art.jpg

One In The Chamber is Mike Biase (lead vocals, guitar), Cecil Eugene (lead guitar, backing vocals), Christian Dotto (bass) and Gerrod Harris (drums). And they’ve made quite a name for themselves tearing it up through the Toronto and GTA rock scene for a few years now. Hailed for their modern take on gritty, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, One In The Chamber is reminiscent of a mix between seventies hard rock and eighties hair metal. Think of a cocktail combination of Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe.

Electrifying riffs, slick bass lines and thunderous drumming echo throughout the tracks while the ferociously pristine vocals manage to rise above the meticulous chaos to the forefront in this tight twenty-something-minute album. The I’ve Got Something To Say… EP kickstarts with the opening cut “Crooked Step,” which features nearly three and half minutes of groovy walking bass lines and rhythmic guitars. It’s followed by “Bills to Pay”— the EP’s lead single, which came out alongside their debut music video back in April — coming off like an anthem that has what it takes to be a great live tune.

One In The Chamber Live 1.jpg

“The Ballad Of Captain Jack” rounds out the midpoint of the album as a slowed down, well, ballad. Similarly, “Something To Say” also contains a slower pace but sporadically erupts into fast guitar shredding with a heavy metal tinge. The track alternates between this slow and fast dynamic a handful of times, accompanied by more melodic vocals, that will drag you off of your seat and make you want to go wild. Surely, another great track for live shows. One In The Chamber tops off their album with “Itchin’ Back,” where blistering vocals bleed over more superb heavy riffs and drum rolls. Catchy, sing-along lyrics are also infused in this energized finale. All in all, One In The Chamber deliver a fun and diverse breakout studio album with I’ve Got Something To Say… that’s worthy of a listen.

One In The Chamber is slated to play an upcoming show at The Hideout in Toronto to commemorate the release of the new EP on September 22nd, featuring performances from Drop Top Alibi and The Reed Effect. To get tickets, purchase the album or find more information about the band head over to their website.