6 reasons to experience Mississauga's Ward 7

We've put together a list of six fun things in each of Mississauga's 11 wards and are happy to present it to you in numerical order. They'll include some interesting, entertaining and appetizing things to check out and experience. 
Feel free to add your own faves in the comment section.

This segment features Mississauga’s Ward 7.

Metal Works Studios

Metal Works.jpg

Our very own city is home to a major player in the production of groundbreaking music. Located south of Highway 403 on Mavis Road, Metalworks — founded in 1978 — is an award-winning recording studio and mastering facility (winning studio of the year 17 times at the CMW Canadian Music Industry Awards). This world-class facility has worked with international superstars David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Prince and Guns N’ Roses. And homegrown Canadian artists Rush, Kim Mitchell, Alexisonfire and Drake have recorded certified Gold and Platinum records in Metalworks’ hallowed halls. The studio’s work in the music and sound industry solidify Metalworks as a fixture of entertainment history.

Kariya Park

Kariya Park.jpg

Opened in 1992, the park was built to honour the 11th anniversary of Mississauga’s relationship with its sister city Kariya, Japan. Situated just off of Burnhamthorpe Road east of the Mississauga Civic Centre, Kariya park is a serene oasis hidden away in the city core. Meandering walkways spill around lush green shrubbery, calming gardens, beautiful flower beds and cherry blossom trees, marking the park as an ideal photo hotspot for both professional and budding photographers. It’s the perfect peaceful haven to flock to in order to escape from the busy bustle of city life.

Daddy O Doughnuts

Daddy O Doughnuts.jpg

If you have a hankering for a sweet treat, head to Daddy O Doughnuts for handmade, gourmet doughnuts and British baked goods made with the finest ingredients. Try tasty doughnuts like the fantastical Vanilla Dipped Homer, Lavender Lemon or, their tribute to Canada, the Maple Bacon. Eccles cakes, cornish pasties and malt bread crafted from classic recipes handed down are also available in their traditional baked goods and desserts section. The menu is constantly being updated and posted on social media every week.  

KAGE Restobar


After travelling Japan and experiencing the distinctively unique food and culture, the KAGE team knew they wanted to bring a piece of that lifestyle back to Mississauga. KAGE is a Japanese Resto Bar serving Nikkei food; a term meaning foreign in Japanese. What makes them unique is the combination of Japanese techniques and flavours, incorporated with cuisines from other regions. 
They provide a balanced menu of contemporary and comfort food, along with an outstanding signature cocktail menu and you’ll be greeted by friendly and hospitable staff.  There’s also a takeout option.
The décor is contemporary with a vintage vibe and they’ve designed it to be a place to come together and create lifelong memories and leave with a lasting impression, much like they did during their time in Japan.

Grano Ristorante

Grano Ristorante.jpg

Located in a corner on Enfield Place near Square One, this family-owned and operated restaurant specializes in glorious homemade Italian cuisine. The “grano” in Grano Ristorante means “wheat” in Italian, and this name was chosen by the owners because they lean on using healthy whole wheat pasta in their dishes (but regular pasta is also available). Their lunch and dinner menus include saucy dishes like fettucini primavera, spaghetti carbonara and penne alla vodka, prices range from $15 to $18. Everything is prepared from scratch, and served in large, homestyle portions.

Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

Credit Valley Golf & Country Club.jpg

If golf is your game, then consider a membership at the fun and friendly Credit Valley golf club. Perfect your swing, play through 18 holes or make use of the fitness and pool facilities. Founded in 1930, this prestigious club holds top events having hosted high profile events like the 2015 PGA Seniors’ Championship of Canada and the 2016 PGA Women’s Championship of Canada in the past. Whether you’re a competitive player or simply a casual golfer, Credit Valley is a club worth looking into.