The history of Streetsville's Franklin House

Modern Mississauga and Heritage Mississauga have come together to present an ongoing series called “Way Back Wednesday’s."
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Today’s topic is the history of Streetsville's Franklin House.

Franklin House, sketch, c1880.jpg

Originally built as a private residence for Peter Douglass circa 1855, the building gets its name from its second owner, Bennet Franklin, who in turn sold the building to John Lennon. Lennon retained the name of the previous owner when he opened his “Franklin House” hotel in 1876.

Bennet Franklin, from Inns and Hotels of Streetsville.jpg

This popular establishment was forced to shut down when the Canada Temperance Act was passed by plebiscite in Peel County in 1914. The building narrowly escaped demolition in 1979 and is Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Today the Franklin House enjoys continued use as a commercial establishment and is Mississauga’s oldest operating “public house”.

Franklin House, Streetsville, 2008.jpg
Franklin House, c1900 - HM.jpg