CompTIA Security+ Certification - All Tips that Cyber Security Professionals Need to Know

Say the word security and confidentiality principles immediately spring to mind. Indeed, security is one of the most crucial aspects of information technology. This explains why the related credentials are always recommended as the baseline certifications for any IT professional looking to propel their career to a completely new level.


CompTIA is a well-known IT vendor that provides top certifications that are well tailored to help you suit into the ever-evolving IT sphere. Some of the prestigious certifications offered by this vendor include the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ among others.

This article gives the in-depth coverage of the CompTIA Security+ credential in addition to outlining some of the best tips and tricks to help you pass the related exam with ease and take your career to the horizons of success.


The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognized certification that authenticates the baseline skills needed to carry out the core security functions. It forms the basis of the core knowledge necessary to perform any CompTIA Security+ Certification . This is also the ideal credential that equips the cybersecurity professionals with practical problem-solving skills to help them identify as well as address the security incidents in this sector.

Skills Measured

CompTIA Security+ credential is different from various certifications owing to its unique attributes. For instance, out of all the certifications that assess the baseline cybersecurity skills, it is the only certification that features performance-based questions in its exam. Thus, you will possess practical skills not only identify but also to solve security incidents. That will make you a valuable employee at your working place.

CompTIA Security+ has its emphasis on the hands-on practical skills to ensure the professionals are better equipped with the relevant skills to solve a variety of security issues in the incredibly dynamic IT sphere.

On that note, this certification validates up to six skills that include threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, risk management, technologies and tools, architecture and design, identity and access management, and cytography and PKI.

Benefits of Earning the CompTIA Security+ Certification

Just like most of the CompTIA certifications, earning the Security+ opens the door to a variety of job opportunities with handsome rewards. Some of the professionals that incorporate this certification in their roles include the systems administrator, security administrator, network administrator, security specialist, security consultant, security engineer, and junior IT auditor just to mention a few.

Apart from improving your career prospects, having gained this certification also increases your chances of earning a promotion at the workplace owing to the increased productivity. In addition, you get respect from your colleagues after being certified, as you possess the skills necessary to complete more difficult tasks in a short period of time. You become a more valuable and competitive employee. So what does it take to earn this marvellous certification? You might be wondering. Earning the CompTIA Security+ certification entails sitting and passing the SY0-501 exam.


SY0-501 Exam

As it is the norm with CompTIA IT vendor, it constantly reviews and updates its exams to help you keep up to date with the new demands of the IT platform. The SY0-501 exam is no exception in this regard and it was updated most recently to reflect the current best practices with regard to risk management and risk mitigation. This equips you with the job-specific skills for success in the industry.

The CompTIA Security+ exam validates your knowledge of installing and configuring the systems for securing networks, applications, and devices. Besides, it also tests your ability to carry out threat analysis using the relevant mitigation techniques.

Attaining a successful outcome in this exam enables you to address all the security aspects to fully support the principles of integrity, confidentiality, and availability. The exam consists of 90 questions that come in the two formats of multiple choice and performance-based. The total duration for taking the exam is 90 minutes implying that you can spend one minute per question if you like. Finally, grading is done on a scale of 100-900 and the passing score is 750.

One of the best things about CompTIA exams is that they are offered at reasonable prices compared to the potential rewards they bring. The SY0-501 exam for instance only goes for $339.

Recommended Experience

As a top IT vendor that is dedicated to ensuring you achieve all your certification goals, CompTIA has its recommendations before you embark on the journey to attain your Security+ certification. Prior to taking this exam, CompTIA recommends that you must have attained the CompTIA Network+ certification in addition to having a two-year experience in IT administration with a specific focus on security.


Exam Preparation

Many people may claim that passing the certification exams presents a real challenge. But one thing is for sure, using quality exam preparation tools from reliable sources guarantees success in the exam.

CompTIA itself is committed to ensuring your success in the exams and before you start your preparation, visit their official website, as their you will find a number of materials offered be the vendor to aid your exam preparation. Besides, you can also get exam dumps from trustworthy sources and test your knowledge of the exam topics before taking the actual exam.

Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are a viable option to aid your exam preparation. These dumps enable you to test your knowledge of the exam topics before taking the actual exam. Most of the questions featured in the exam dumps are can be met in your certification exam that’s why they play a key role in boosting your confidence in the long run.

CompTIA eBooks

The content featured in these eBooks provides the knowledge required to pass your certification exam. They are readily available on the website and the fact that they are produced by industry experts makes them certain to guarantee a successful outcome in your exams.

Instructor-Led Training

If you are looking for a comfortable learning environment with competent IT professionals as the lead instructors then this is the best option for you. With their wide knowledge of the Security+ certification exam and the relevant topics, these instructors are sure to help you master the exam topics in a hassle-free process.

Exam Registration

When everything’s set and you are ready to take your certification exam, this is the right time to head over to CompTIA website and make your purchase. All you need to do is to sign up for the exam after which you can find a nearby testing location and arrange your test.


The CompTIA Security+ certificationis valid for 3 years. However, you can extend its validity by simply enrolling for the CE program. Besides, you can also participate in different activities and training programs such as attaining higher certifications to make your Security+ certification relevant after the three-years validity period.

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, the aforementioned paragraphs clearly outline why you should strive to attain the CompTIA Security+ certification sooner rather than later. There’s no need to wait for the right time because it never exists. Become the next success story by simply taking the initiative to earn your certification as soon as you can.