Minimize pothole damage and maximize your drive

With roaring winter storms sweeping across Canada, our roads are slowly becoming freckled with potholes.

With this season comes the threat of costly repairs. It’s difficult to avoid potholes, but expensive repairs don’t have to ruin your winter. With a few simple tips, you can keep costs down and avoid pothole damage this time of year. Staying on top of maintenance and keeping your eyes ahead are just some of the tips OK Tire has put together to minimize pothole damage.


1.       Stay in control – Ride control, or a vehicle’s ability to stop, turn and handle, is crucial for comfort and stability. Remember, a “bounce and jounce” test is not sufficient, so get your ride control checked by a certified technician.

2.       Eyes on the road – If you see the pothole ahead of time, it makes sense that you may avoid it entirely. Keep your eyes ahead and follow other vehicles’ reactions. A pothole can impact vehicle stability, which can compromise your ability to react in time, so stay on top of your ride control components.

3.       Take a break on the brakes – Even though hitting the brakes at the first sign of a pothole feels naturel, it can cause more issues. Braking causes your wheel to lock when it hits the pothole, causing a backward force on the wheel and leading to damaged struts. Slow down instead, and keep your ride control elements working properly.

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4.       Over, not around – Did you know you can actually drive over a pothole? By straddling the pothole with your wheels, you’ll avoid the pothole entirely. This will prevent your tires from dipping into the pothole, minimizing expensive repairs.

5.       Preventative maintenance – The best way to minimize damage is to make sure everything is performing at its best in the first place. Keep your tire pressure at the right level, get regular checks and keep track of the state of your vehicle.