Learn about Mississauga's Rainbow Sauga Alliance

Rainbow Sauga Alliance strives to create a welcoming and engaging community by providing support, social events and platforms for LGBTQ2+ residents in Mississauga, across the spectrums of gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on creating meaningful events, experiences support and development to enhance the bonds of true friendships, of life, and to lighten the burdens of struggle, holistically, responsibly and inclusively.
They support LGBTQ2+ friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours within our city and region.

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Here’s what their MIssion Statement is:

• Include the diverse communities, ages, genders, sexualities and cultural diversities, within and beyond our City through the activities and events we host.

• Support and challenge all LGBTQ2+ members on their personal journeys to understand and celebrate their identities in safe, meaningful and respectful environments.

• Foster and steward respectful relations with the following key public stakeholders: Council Leaders, Politicians, Resident Associations, BIA’s, Business Individuals, Police Services, Gay-Straight Alliances, Youth Groups, Seniors Groups, Churches and other groups which support us, host us and include us.

• Strive to create an inclusive and safe community by providing social, educational, and networking opportunities, building community, and serving as a resource to the LGBTQ2+ community.

Their vision includes:

We are a community made of intersecting identities, multiple histories, a wide spread of Mississauga residents, across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, age and cultural diversity, including Educators, Entrepreneurs, Ministers, Ward Councillors, Artists, Community Service Workers and others from all walks of life.
They envision a stronger, safer Mississauga LGBTQ2+ community that is equitable, respectful, and visibly engaged in creating and providing safe, fun, and enjoyable activities, social events and support systems for all LGBTQ2+ residents. They’ll do this by leveraging connections and relationships with City Council, Peel Police LGBTQ Hate Crimes division and the “Safe Spaces” programs, with the UCC Church Networks, with Gay-Straight Alliances within the Youth Sectors and everyone who supports and holds interest in LGBTQ2+ causes.


Their goals are:

• Support, Foster, and Celebrate the LGBTQ2+ members of our community.

• Empower LGBTQ2+ people in Mississauga and build a strong community.

• Create spaces and offer places to connect and engage, find camaraderie and support, and celebrate the vibrancy and growth of the LGBTQ2+ community.

• Create activities and events that cater to the full spectrum of needs within the LGBTQ2+ community, including events for the young and the old.

Their values are:

• Respect - To create a safe space and service environment where individuality is seen as strength and all people are treated with fairness and dignity.

• Inclusivity - Believing in the need for different perspectives and commit ourselves to representation from all members of the diverse community.

• Innovation - To vigorously support pioneering programs and advocacy to meet LGBTQ2+ community needs.

• Integrity - They work together to advance our mission, and we honor and apply these values in what we do and say.

• Compassion - They understand and care about the sufferings or misfortunes of others within the LGBTQ2+ community.


Understanding their logo:

The logo symbolises the human uniqueness. A fingerprint identifies each human being as different, regardless of colour, creed or sexual identity. Human fingerprints are detailed, difficult to alter, and durable over the life of an individual, making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity. This identity is what makes the use of the fingerprint in our Logo as a marker of their commitment to the LGBTQ2+ community, and of the uniqueness we all hold as humans.
The colours in the fingerprint are a symbol of the LGBT stalwarts from the past that fought so hard for where we find ourselves today in this modern world. The rainbow colours of the Pride flag remain strong in a sense in that a rainbow consists of all colours possible, by mixing them together to create another colour.

Further to the Pride Rainbow, they have also included the newest Reboot of Pride colours to include five more colours which can be seen below the name in the logo. This represents their stance on Inclusion, Representation and a Voice as they continue the journey their forebearers started on the road to recognition, equality and inclusion.

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The Board is comprised of:

Clinton Emslie – President
Ron Cameron-Lewis – Secretary
Jayson Chellow – Treasurer
Sven Spengemann, Jo-Anne Beggs, Mike Andrews.

To attend and learn about their inaugural event, click here.