Modern Food & Drink - Mississauga's Nomads Restobar

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What are your signature food and drink items?
We don't necessarily have a signature drink or food item, rather we are known for our globally inspired menu that sources ingredients for both our drinks and our food from all over the world. Our menu can change to adapt to the market anytime we want by being so versatile in our offerings.
Our chef takes authentic flavours and uses his extensive background and knowledge as a vessel to bring those flavours to light in a contemporary style.
Our cocktail menu is just as versatile in it's ability to pull inspiration from ingredients we see at the market to newly available releases from distilleries the world over, allowing to always experiment with flavour combinations and push our creative boundaries to new heights.

Where did the name originate from?
Our name comes from the idea of the nomad, one without a home, a wanderer in search of new places. This is the inspiration for our nomadic menu, not stuck in one traditional style or region.

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What differentiates you from the competition?
What differentiates us from our competition is that we have a killer, laid-back atmosphere and a work environment that has no room for toxicity but encourages both personal and professional growth. We work with our employees to help them reach their goals and aspirations. This is turn results in the passion our staff have when it comes to every dish and every guest that walks in our door.
Our kitchen staff and our front of house staff equally strive for the best every single day, using their knowledge and skill sets to give people the experience they are looking for. Our owners and managers put everything they have back into Nōmads as we approach business and life from a philosophy of sustainability and growth in harmony with our employees. Too often the WHY you are doing something is for the wrong reasons but why we do what we do never changes, even though the what might.
Why we believe in a sustainable approach is because we invest in our staff and business reaching for the same result: passion, long term, fulfilled, sustainable, and happy.

Why did you set up shop in Mississauga?
We opened in Mississauga because we simply love Mississauga and we believe that we can help further raise the bar for culinary arts and bartending in our own backyard.

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What's the seating capacity?
Our capacity is 81 people inside with room for 20 outside ( we are increasing our capacity on the patio to 37 this summer though).

Mississauga has a thriving food scene - what type of restaurant would you classify Nomads as?
We classify as a Restobar. A bar first, with awesome food to back it up.

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Tell us about Chef David in under 50 words
Chef David aka Chile is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable chefs I've ever known. He truly has no ego in the kitchen which is a rarity and just wants to share his passion with everyone. He is charming, always smiling and could anyone to fall in love with his menu. We wouldn't be the same restaurant without him, he is integral to everything.

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