6 terrific hiking trails in and around Mississauga

These six adventurous hiking spots are either in or near Mississauga to explore for a summer experience with friends or family. Each trail ranges between different lengths and difficulty. Anyone can go explore these breathtaking spots. 

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area located at 7200 Appleby Line in Milton has three trails for hiking. They include Vista Adventure Trail, Buffalo Craig Trail and Nassagaweya Trail. All these trails have their own beauty attach to it overseeing great lookout points. 


Hilton Falls is another worthwhile hiking spot located in Milton at 4985 Campbellville with three trials, Hilton Falls, Red Oak Trail and Beaver Dam Trail. Although the falls tends to be the most popular attraction, it does not limit hikers to experience the animal life with the beaver ponds and streams alongside their travels. 


Crawford Lake located at 3115 Conservation Road in Milton has five trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty for hikers. The five trails are, Crawford Lake Trail, Woodland Trail, Escarpment Trail, Pune Ridge Trail and Nassagaweya Trail. This is a very unique place as you can visit the Iroquoian Village alongside your hiking experience.


Meadowvale Conservation Area located at 1081 Old Derry Road in Mississauga is a welcoming public park. You have the option to walk on the exciting trails as well as participate in recreational activities like fishing as well. It is a great spot where you will see many friendly faces exploring with friends, family and pets.


The Riverwood Conservancy is located at 4300 Riverwood Park Lane in Mississauga. This area has many scenic attractions around the trails for the public to enjoy.


Terra Cotta Conservation Area is located at 14452 Winston Churchill Blvd. They have variety of trails to explore. Their most popular for their falls and cross country skiing designated for the winter. 


All the conservation areas listed above have their own admiration to them. Some are bigger than others and each trail has its own level of difficulty. If you are up for the challenge, make sure to visit these beautiful and scenic hiking trails, you won’t regret it!