Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - What kind of sports can I get involved with in Mississauga this summer?

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This week’s question is about sports.  

What kind of sports can I get involved with in Mississauga this summer?


Drop-in programs allow you to try something new, without the commitment

With flexibility in scheduling and a variety of locations across Mississauga, trying a new sport or honing your skills is fun and easy as:

  • Strengthening your muscles in Aqua fitness

  • perfecting your precision with billiards and snooker

  • working on your backspin with a friend at table tennis

  • grabbing a doubles partner and learning the game of pickle ball

  • enjoying the field without the heat with indoor soccer

  • getting on the ice and practicing your skating and slap shot

  • stretching, meditating, and breathing in Yoga

  • dancing, singing, and twisting your way with Zumba to stay fit

Need the routine? Add a registered program to your calendar

Regularly participating in activities can provide you with a sense of community, new skills, new friends and lasting memories such as:

  • self-defence and discipline in martial arts

  • rallying for points with badminton or tennis

  • improving your stroke and endurance with swimming

  • being the next Robin Hood with archery lessons and

  • starting your fencing match “en-garde”

Coaching more your style?


 Volunteering as a coach, mentor, captain or official gives you the chance to give back to the community and up your game.

The City offers organized sport leagues for both youth and adults. Whether you’re on a team or not – come out and show your skills in the following:

  • youth basketball

  • adult soccer

  • adult hockey

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