Egypt - Sea, sun, fine sand and lots of history

Recently a top was made in which were voted the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Guess which one came out first? First place in the top of the most wanted and appreciated destinations was voted Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Yes, this resort on the Red Sea coast has surpassed holiday destinations like New York, Santorini and Bora Bora. This resort town is very well-known for its clear waters and coral reefs, but as well for its casino resorts, which are the main focus of interest of its inhabitants and foreigners who come to visit. Casino Royale and Sinai Grand Casino are just some of the most popular ones from Sharm el Sheikh, the latter being the only one casino working with 2 currencies, offering you multiple game selection, recommended as the Finest Casino in the Middle East. You can play online as well while being on the road or in your room from one of the resorts. For example, there is Book of Ra, an online slots game with hieroglyphs which you have to decipher; the game highlights the features of Ancient Egypt, so you can enjoy much more your vacation.


Sunny and hot weather all year round

The fine and white sandy beaches of Egypt can easily compete with the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, even during the winter season, it’s never too cold to enjoy a sunbath. However, you need to know a few things about the weather when planning a vacation to Egypt. Egypt has 360 days of sunshine a year and it rains only 5 days a year. For this reason, it’s advisable to avoid holidays in Egypt in the summer.

June, July and August are the hottest. During this period, the ground temperatures reach up to 60 degrees Celsius! At such a temperature it’s more than obvious that you will have difficulty adapting to stay at the beach, not to mention if you want to visit the sights here. Most of the sandstorms occur in the months of October and November, but the temperature is normal (between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius).

It’s recommended a holiday in Egypt in February - April. You will have some very good beach temperatures, sea bath and visits, but you will also enjoy a clear sky. If you love diving, the best times of the year for snorkeling are April, May and October.

The last ancient miracle still standing

The Great Giza Pyramid, also known as Khufu's Pyramid or Keops's Pyramid, is the only ancient miracle in the world that still exists. It’s absolutely delightful to be able to see a perfect pyramid of about 4,500 years old. During a visit you can even enter the pyramid, obviously paying an additional fee. If you are claustrophobic, do not enter the pyramid. The space is very narrow, the climb is quite steep and it is also extremely warm inside. What you will see inside the Giza Pyramid is an empty tomb, but the spiritual burden of the place overwhelms most of those who arrive here.

Just below is the Sphinx. Not as impressive as the Giza Pyramid, the Sphinx is worth a visit. Every evening, a sound and light show is organized here, which always impresses tourists.

Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Cruise on the Nile


When was the last time you went on a cruise? Or, better said, when was the last time you were on a cruise targeting places that are thousands of years old, ancient tombs and artifacts? A 5-star Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan can be done both for 3 nights and for 5 nights. Whatever you choose, it’s an excellent choice, regardless of how you travel: alone, as a couple, with friends or with children. Among the objectives that the Nile Cruise aims at are: Luxor Temple - the largest open air museum in the world, Karnak Temple and Philae Temple - the last place where religion was practiced in Ancient Egypt.

Luxor Temple and Valley of the Kings remain one of the most sought-after sights for a holiday in Egypt. The mural paintings of over 4500 years old have been kept well here, and the tombs of so many kings, among them Ramesses VI and Tutankhamun, are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. You should take a guide or read ahead about what to visit. Everything is quite complex, placed in the historical context and it is quite difficult to understand if you just look at the exhibits.

The Temple of Philae is the best preserved temple in all of Egypt. It is dedicated to the goddess Isis and, every evening, a sound and light show takes place that will put the temple in a completely new, but impressive, light.

The Karnak Temple is the largest temple in Egypt and is dedicated to Amun-Ra. Its construction began in 2100 BC. The temple is known for its great hypostyle, which has 134 columns 21 m high. Impressive is the road that unites the Karnak Temple with the Philae Temple, a 3 km long road and surrounded by hundreds of sphinxes.

Ancient fossils

For those of you who are interested in studying the evolution of the animal life, but also for those who are simply interested in curiosities around the world, you should know that in Wadi el Hitan, Fayoum, 150 km from Cairo, you will find the most unusual whale fossils in the world. According to UNESCO, these fossils show clearly how these huge mammals evolved from amphibian form to animals that live exclusively in water. The fossils found here may not be the oldest in the world, but they are by far the largest and best preserved (some have been kept intact and parts of the intestines). The presence of fossils and other early animals such as sharks, crocodiles, cats and turtles makes it possible to reconstruct ecological conditions over time.

10 thousand years of history

If you've ever imagined that the history of Egypt begins with the pyramids, well, you're wrong. In the Sahara desert there are the caves of Gilf Kebir. Their walls are covered with scenes from the daily life of those who lived here 10 thousand years ago when the Sahara was an oasis of greenery.

Unfortunately, large portions of the mural paintings are missing. These have been destroyed over the years by tourists peeling them off the walls to take them home as souvenirs, but also because they were watered to bring out more colors in the photos. Although the number of tourists visiting the cave is increasing, currently measures are being taken to protect the mural paintings.


Obviously, the list of what you can do on a vacation in Egypt can continue, but you should discover places by yourself and learn about them much more. It’s really impressive the number of new things you can learn on a holiday in Egypt, but how well you will feel enjoying the beaches here and the coral reef with thousands of colorful fish just like in the TV documentaries you have seen.