Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - What's the process for becoming a school crossing guard in Mississauga?

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Today’s question is about becoming a crossing guard in Mississauga.

I want to request a crossing guard for an intersection by my child’s school or become a crossing guard myself. What’s the process?


 There are currently over 200 crossing guards at over 160 locations across Mississauga who ensure that children from kindergarten to grade five are able to cross the street safely on their way to school.

To request a crossing guard and a site inspection for a specific location, Mississauga residents should contact the Traffic Safety Council coordinator by email at

When making the request, residents are asked to provide the following information:

·         Name of school

·         Reason for request

·         The intersection where they would like to request a crossing guard

·         Their name, address and phone number

During a site inspection, members of the Traffic Safety Council, City staff and school board staff will visit the site to conduct the study. A recommendation will then be made to the Traffic Safety Council based on the warrant study and observations.

To become a crossing guard, residents are required to complete an application process. To request an application, residents should send an email to the crossing guard supervisor at

To learn more about the City of Mississauga Crossing Guard Program, visit

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