4 Types of Fall Jackets That Will Be Trendy This Season

Summer is officially over but there's no reason to be blue. Fall brings much more than just the cold, especially if you're a fashion addict. Below, we've listed some of the latest jacket trends perfect for refreshing your fall wardrobe.

1.    The Puffer Jacket


 If you want to lock the heat in and make yourself warm, puffer jacket is a great choice. It's been seen across fashion week and it's no surprise since it's comfortable, cozy and ideal for travelling in.  

 Opt for a length that sits just past your hips since it will elongate your frame. If you're feeling brave then select a cropped length and layer it over your sweater. 

There are numerous variations of this jacket so you're spoilt for choice! If you're worried about being overwhelmed by the puffiness, then opt for a jacket with a belt. For those of you who want to combine trends, then select a bright colour like yellow or green and get ready to steal the show.  

How To Style It:

  • It's perfect for casual off duty style, throw it on with some jeans and a hoodie

  • Dress it up with some bold jewelry and statement heels for an evening look

2.   Statement Sleeves Are Here To Stay


 This fall, statement sleeves are taking on a whole new lease of life. They're being reincarnated through striking jackets. A tailored simple silhouette is key, so the sleeves can do all the talking. This style is ideal for pushing your fashion boundaries and trying something a little different. 

How To Style It: 

  • This type of jacket can come in various materials and cuts. Try it in faux leather or in the form of a classic trench coat with a twist

  • Skinny jeans or tailored pants are ideal for balancing out the sleeves

  • This type of jacket was made for the evening so pair it with your dresses and sky-high heels

3.   The Faux Fur Coat 


With the recent wave of climate change activism, it's no surprise that big brands and fashion houses are adapting by becoming more conscious and environmentally-friendly. A key factor is using faux fur instead of real fur. You will be surprised at how realistic they can look! 

How To Style It: 

This season, invest in a plush fur jacket, find a quality piece that you will be able to cherish since this style won't go out of fashion any time soon. There are so many versions to choose from, the little shearling bomber is great for fashionistas while a brightly coloured fur coat will speak to risk-takers.  

If fur isn't really your style then try faux leather - think less Matrix leather coats and more belted leather blazers. This look is sleek and coordinates well with a number of outfits from evening dresses to mom jeans. 

4.    Oversized Silhouettes Are Taking Over 


Tapered silhouettes are great if you want to define your shape and your waist but try switching to an oversized style this season. It's just as glamorous if done right and it can still flatter your figure. 

How To Style It:

Length is important, try on a few different coats to get a feel for what works for your height and proportions. Oversized doesn't necessarily mean it should look baggy or unflattering. There's a fine line between chic and spacious vs drowning in fabric. 

This style is perfect for anyone who loves streetwear or generally cool, casual clothes. You can wear an oversized jacket with anything from jeans to joggers and heels to sneakers. 

Be Creative With Your Style

No matter your style, try something a little different this fall. You probably already have a staple, timeless jacket, so why not try one of this seasons fun new trends. You'll be surprised at how a new jacket can add some vibrancy to your wardrobe. 


Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of Love Your Tailor Toronto. Specializing in clothing alterations and tailoring since 1986. He loves customizing his relatives’ clothes and enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone interested.