VPC: Vibrant Port Credit

by Vibrant Port Credit

Vibrant Port Credit began with the desire to explore the nature of a creative community and find out what makes it thrive. Who are the artists, musicians, independent shopkeepers and restaurant owners and what do they bring to this place that makes it an extraordinary community to live in and visit? VPC's mission is to highlight this community.

In April, an online social media presence was created to promote and share local events, art exhibits, new store openings and community initiatives. We encourage the community to showcase its creativity and the beauty of Port Credit through themed months and activities. For example, July was VPC-Red; gorgeous images of all things red like the Port Credit Canada Day Parade, fresh produce at the local Farmer's Market and the lighthouse were captured and shared. It gave us and our followers a chance to explore Port Credit as a blank canvas, and add a splotch of colour to it.

If you haven't yet discovered Port Credit, what are you waiting for? From its lighthouse and marina situated alongside the Credit River, to the streetscapes of the East and West Village aligned with restaurants, art galleries, established small businesses and lively festivals, Port Credit is a community that continues to evolve and thrive.

VPC looks forward to creating in-depth stories and images of the neighbourhood. Every small business starts with an idea, every local artist and artisan has an inspiration for their craft, and every musician has a desire to entertain and communicate through their music. Vibrant Port Credit wants to discover more of these aspirations and creative outlets and share them to inspire our readers as well. Our policy is to stick to a positive vibe by imagining the endless possibilities that Port Credit has to offer!