Clarkson Music Theatre presents a White Christmas


The Clarkson Music Theatre presents their version of the classic, "White Christmas" at the Meadowvale Theatre from November 17 to 26, 2017.
This exciting performance is a great way to kick off the Holiday season and support local, talented artists!
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If you're unfamiliar with White Christmas, here's a quick summary:

"White Christmas” is a new staging of the classic story of Irving Berlin’s classic White Christmas. Bob Wallace and Phil Davis open the story on the Western Front 1944, Christmas Eve. Their beloved General Waverly must retire due to an injury. We jump to 1954 where Bob and Phil are continuing their show biz success on the Ed Sullivan Show. Phil, the ladies’ man, is determined to find Bob a girl, and they set out to see a new act: the Haynes sisters – where Phil falls for Judy and Bob is equally smitten by her sister Betty. Phil tricks Bob to follow the girls to Vermont where they meet Waverly who is pursuing a new career as an innkeeper of a ski chalet in “snowy” Vermont. However, Waverly seems destined to fail, with mounting bills, and a lack of both customers and snow.
The four entertainers set out to save the inn and they bring the whole song and dance production (complete with chorus) to the inn to put on a “Wallace and Davis” show. But the brief romance Betty and Bob share is marred when Martha snoops and incorrectly announces that Bob is out to make a million off the general. Betty leaves the production, pursued by Bob. All is well in the end when misunderstandings are settled, the General is reminded of the love of his men, and snow at last falls upon the inn (and maybe in the audience!) , solving all the general’s financial problems. There’s lots of great comic, musical and dance moments for principals, dancers and chorus. Other characters include: Martha (a retired showgirl and Waverly’s housekeeper), granddaughter Susan, two hilarious show girls Rita and Rhonda, the laconic slow-as-molasses handy-man Ezekie l, the hysterical dance captain Mike and more.

If you like fabulous production values, dance numbers featuring tap, lots of opportunities for ensemble, great comedy, a bit of schmaltz, and a feel good ending, this one’s for you! Featuring the incredible music of Irving Berlin, including: Blue Skies, We’ll Follow the Old Man, Sisters, I Love a Piano, and of course the title song.

We are excited to announce the cast of White Christmas:
PHIL                          Darryl Burton            
SUSAN                     Emma Prestage       
BETTY                      Heidi Cyfko               
MARTHA                  Katie Westrope         
WAVERLY                Kevin Roose             
JUDY                       Laura Carney            
BOB                         Malakai Steve Vieira
RHODA                    Kat Kormos              
RITA                         Katharine Mines      

Barb Slater, Carolyn Sevigny, Judy Bikas, Emma Campbell, Katie Fry, Katie Prestage, Kimberly Koumbiadis, Laura Halley, Laura Moniz, Sarah Lopez, Dylan Roose (Mike the SM)

Carrie Mines (Tess), Catherine Villebrun, Christine McMahon (Snoring Woman), Guida Feliz, Jacki Kingston, Jacky Sheppard, Joanne Hines, Joanne MacNair, Judy Manley, Karen Simpson, Leslie Carney, Mary Lynn Merklinger, Pamela Sarmiento, Rita Ferguson, Theresa Morris, Brian Wray (Ezechial), Dennis Sunga, Derek Thorpe, Jon Dobbin, Paul Berdusco (Ralph Sheldrake), Reid Mowat (Snoring Man)

*Bob Riddell appears with the permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance Opera Theatre Policy.