The third annual Shop Locally Professionally event


Recently, Shop Local, Professionally hosted its third annual event at the C-Banquet space in Mississauga’s City Hall.
The carnival based event was complete with fun games, great prizes and a plethora of local business folk from our community.

Started in 2015 by Speigel Nichols Fox LLP and the legendary Hazel McCallion, Shop Locally, Professionally is an initiative to promote Mississauga’s vibrant business community.  The goal here is to get as many local businesses engaged with each other to in turn support each other, resulting in a stronger chance at success all around.

This year's annual event was sponsored by Speigel Nichols Fox LLP, McLean Hallmark Insurance Group Ltd., MDP LLP, Wealth & Estate Financial Canada Inc., Rumanek & Company LTD., OneRedBird, Hybrid Ideas, and CBRE — all Mississauga-based service providers. They worked alongside Hazel McCallion to organize and promote the event. Throughout the event, there was plenty of conversation from various types of businesses, exploring what each one does and looking forward, how they can work together.


Here’s a smart summary of the advantages of shopping locally as outlined on the Shop Locally, Professionally website:

Providing better value is crucial. Businesses have relocated to Mississauga in part to reduce overhead. With lower overhead, Mississauga-based service providers are better positioned to provide clients with better value.
Knowledge provided by local service providers have local knowledge that can come in very handy.
Additionally, reduced travel time factors in. Although much can be done electronically, service providers still need to meet with their clients from time to time. Meetings done locally save clients the time and expense associated with attending meetings in downtown Toronto.

The benefits of the initiative to our business community are abundant.
We are convinced that Mississauga businesses will benefit from a broader choice of locally-based service providers. By providing a platform that helps to promote Mississauga service providers, we help to encourage a positive feedback cycle that will hopefully result in a proliferation of them. Mississauga’s thriving business community has the collective strength to flex its muscles and start demanding that its service providers cater to them – by offering services here in Mississauga. The more we promote, the more businesses will use the service providers and the more service providers will come.

The annual event continuously gets stronger as it progresses and the Shop Locally, Professionally, team is marching forward with the goal of strengthening local interactions between businesses in our community.
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