Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - Do I have to shovel my sidewalk after a snowfall?

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Today’s question comes from a reader preparing for winter weather.

Do I have to shovel my sidewalk after a snowfall?

Residents are encouraged to clear snow on their driveways and sidewalks for increased pedestrian safety and accessibility. Clear sidewalks help people walking to school, work, and appointments or enjoying a walk on a beautiful winter day. Be a good neighbour by shovelling the sidewalk in front of your home to help others, especially older adults or people with disabilities. 

Safe snow shovelling requires proper preparation, the right tools, good technique and is quite the workout. Consider helping your neighbours if you are able to do so.

While shoveling, remember that placing snow from your driveway or parking lot onto the road is illegal under the Obstructing Highways By-law and could result in a penalty. While shoveling in front of your house, it’s best that you place the snow on your lawn or away from the road.

Snow clearing operations in Mississauga are done according to a priority route system. Major roads are cleared first to allow emergency vehicles and public transit to pass. As part of its snow clearing operations, the City clears priority sidewalks - along major roads and other priority areas where there is access to hospitals, schools and transit.

You can track plows and salters in your neighbourhood by viewing the Snow Plow Tracker online.

For information on snow clearing operations, follow @MississaugaSnow on Twitter or call 3-1-1 (or 905-615-4311 outside City limits).

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