Learn about JORD Wood Watches


I’ve had an affinity for wood based objects since I began playing guitar in my early years. It amazed me at how a simple slab of wood could be contoured, painted, polished and sprinkled with electronics to produce such a versatile expression of oneself. 
Without the internet in my teen years, the only true way for me to expand my wood-based horizons was to go to the local guitar shop weekly and become enthralled with the plethora of styles, shapes and sounds of this sea of guitars.
As I’ve aged, there have been dozens of different guitars pass through my hands and while I’m slowing down, I’m certainly not stopping.

Now with the internet as a resource tool, I’ve come across the unique luxury brand of watches called Jord. With the name stemming from the Danish word “earth” these time pieces are primarily crafted from various types of wood, which is a shift from the traditional metal/silver/gold based component.
These wood watches are graceful, well-designed and have a broad reach style-wise. 
Ranging from the low $100’s to the high $400’s, there’s something for almost every budget and fashion taste.

Similar to guitars, there are thousands of watch styles available and the Jord team has strategically what I believe to be the right amount of variety of women’s and men’s watches.
The addition of a watch is the accessory that can speak volumes about your style and personality. You can be the “Queen of sheen” or the “King of bling” with your stylistic choices or you can play the conservative card and opt for something that’s still eye-catching opposed to blinding.
My personal style leans on the minimalistic side where each piece of clothing and accessory stands out in a subtle yet effective way.

When given the option of which Jord watch to have on my wrist (and after browsing their Men’s collection over a dozen times) I kept gravitating to the Hyde Series’ Ebony & Iron model. 
For me, it was the sheer simplicity blended with elegance and class of the ebony wood band bookending the Quartz Crystal face cover.  The black face, silver tipped hands and that striking shade of red emblazoned on the Jord logo at the top were all so reflective of my style that it ended up on my wrist within a few days of placing the order. 
As I shot pictures upon its arrival (and created a short unboxing video) the beautiful wooden case it came in (which is quite smartly engraveable) has a built in drawer for accessory storage and the watch back itself (on almost all models) is also engraveable.
As an entrepreneur who’s often seeing prospective and existing clients, attending various events on behalf of my media company or relaxing during my personal time, having the right watch is important stylistically. 

I’m also a musician and have always worn a watch while performing, recording or teaching and the Jord Ebony & Ivory compliments many of my guitars, is comfortable and lightweight on my wrist, which is constantly moving and flexing with each song.

Watches augment any outfit, from formal to casual and I’ve found that so far, Jord’s Hyde Series looks and feels wonderful from jeans to a suit.

While it’s still early days of my time with Jord, we’re off to a pleasant start that I’m hoping will last the test of time.
(See what I did there?)