Modern Motoring - A video review of the 2018 MINI Clubman


MINI's Clubman compact SUV still gets the urban job done with the 2018 model year.
With the functional "barn doors" at the rear and a smartly predictable front end, the Brits offer up 1,250 L of cargo space with the seats folded and a fun yet comfortable ride.
Our S tester came with 189 horsepower & 2017 lb-ft. of torque, run through a 2.0 4 cylinder twin turbo engine.

The availabe Chester Indigo Blue leather seats are a very cool and modern touch to the Clubman and there's the unmistakable MINI design throughout the interior.

Starting at just under $31,000 before you hit the option sheet, there are plenty of ways to customize the Clubman to your liking.

Here's our feedback after a week behind the wheel of this fun and functional offering.