Modern Mississauga presents Way Back Wednesdays - The history of Haines Road

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Today’s topic is the history of Haines Road.

Haines Road Sign.jpg

Haines Road in central Mississauga, located between modern Cawthra and Dixie Roads
along Dundas Street, is named for Jehoiada (also known as Joseph, Jehoida and
Jedohaida) Haines. He purchased the West Half of Lot 10, Concession 1, SDS from
Joseph Farr on April 1, 1860. He was a farmer by trade and a Baptist by religion.
Jehoiada was born in 1831, son of Charles and Martha Haines of Cheltenham (in
modern Brampton). He often went by the name of Joseph. Jehoiada and his wife, Ann
(nee Watts), had seven children: William (1860), Annie (1861), Elizabeth (1864), Joseph
(1866), Charlotte (1870), Lizzie (1872) and Emily (1877). The property passed to his
daughter, Charlotte, and her husband, Frederick Tracy, on December 22, 1900. A
successful farmer, the road which the family first cleared adjacent to their farm carries
the family name to this day.

Haines Stone - Dixie Union Cemetery.jpg

Jehoiada and Ann are buried at Dixie Union Cemetery, and his inscription reads:

Jehoida Haines
Who Died December 3rd , 1881
Age 50 years, 10 months and 10 days
“A loved one has gone from our home,
On earth we will meet him no more
He has gone to his home in heaven
And all his afflictions are o’er”

It is unknown what he might have suffered from.

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