Modern Mississauga presents Way Back Wednesdays - The history of Thompson Street in Erindale Village

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Today’s topic is the history of Thompson Street in Erindale Village

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The first elected Reeve of Toronto Township (Historic Mississauga) was Colonel William Thompson (1784-1860). Elected in 1851, Thompson was a staunch conservative and had been active in political and business circles for many years. Thompson (then a Captain) served with the 2nd York Militia and the Royal Artillery Drivers during the War of 1812, was present at the Battle of Queenston Heights, and was captured by American forces in 1814 (released in 1815). He remained active in the militia through the Rebellion of 1837, rising to the rank of colonel, and later to lieutenant-colonel. He died in Toronto Township in 1860 and is buried at St. Jude’s Cemetery in Oakville. One of Historic Mississauga’s more prominent citizens, he is remembered as one of the founders of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Erindale and Thompson Street in nearby Erindale Village carries his name.

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