Modern Artist Profile - Sarah-Jean Villa

Learn about local artist and musician, Sarah-Jean Villa through our Modern Artist Profile:


1. Describe exactly what you do:
I’m a singer, songwriter, motivational speaker, clothing designer, model, actor and body painter.

2. How long have you been writing music?
Since 2004. 

3. What is the origin of the word "wagical" that you often use?
I have created my own language with W’s, where the W stands for weird. I have been called weird since I was a child and bullied a lot for it.  Now, I embrace it. 
“Wagical” means weird magic. I believe there is “wagic” in the world if you are open to it.
4. Describe your musical style:
My first album is more pop/rock/spiritual/soul. My new album is soulful, edgy, tribal, futuristic and about my life experiences. 


5. What's 2018 shaping up like?
I am working on my second album Andres Pedret , I have a new music video for “Weird Is The New Black” coming out soon and have been working on my “Rock Your True Inner Beauty”  show where I talk to youth about building self-esteem. I’m also working on a TV show, my one of a kind clothing line, body painting art and modelling. 
I'm also working with a talented artist named Legion- The Infernal Outlaw and we're aiming for an EP release in autumn 2018.

6. What's been the biggest obstacle for you as a musician/artist? 
When I started, I heard a lot of “no’s” or you need to lose weight and to tone down my weirdness and crazy looks. I was on all kinds of crazy diets, had a bad self-image, did drugs, and did a lot of self-harm. 
When I wrote Just Breathe with Zubin Thakar about being bullied in 2011, I stopped caring about what other people wanted from me  and embraced my true self more. Trying to be somebody I was not held me back but now I don’t care what people think. Find your tribe and march to the own beat of your drum. 


7. What advice to you have for up and coming musicians/artists?
Do what you love, be true to who you are and your story. Make music that inspires you and don’t listen to others when they put you down and respect others. 

8. What are your long term goals/aspirations with your art? 
To have my second theatrical EP out by 2018 and start touring around the world. Also, to learn how to play a lot of cool instruments and teach my dog to perform with me.  I want to release an eight-song EP yearly as well. I’d like to have my own TV show, collaborate with various artists and do yearly fashion shows.