6 places to always keep clean in your bathroom


One of the most irritating rooms in the house to clean would definitely have to be the bathroom. And as irritating as it is, we often miss a lot of different spots or items that do need to be cleaned and changed regularly. Here are six places in your bathroom you should always keep clean:

1.    Shower Curtain Liner
As you probably know, a lot of things in your bathroom attracts mildew and soap scum. Your shower curtain liner is one of those things. It can be pricey to be constantly changing it, so instead of doing that, was it in the washing machine. You can use regular laundry detergent with about a cup of baking soda to remove bacteria and other residue. 


2.    Loofah’s
This is a big one. I don't think some realize how much bacteria is on loofah’s. However, this is something you can wash in the washing machine without having to buy a new one. Just throw it in your machine in a normal cycle and detergent. Hang it to dry and you’re good as new!


3.    Soap Bar
Even though you put a bar of soap on the soap bar that hangs in your shower, it does leave behind a lot of scum. To prevent this, you can switch to liquid body soap. However if you prefer the bar of soap, just wash it with diluted shower cleaner at least once or twice a week.

4.    Drain Stopper
Now for those of you who have long luscious locks, this one is for you. It’s important to clean out your drain regularly. This prevents clogs from occurring and bacteria from spreading! To clean, use white vinegar. It’ll get rid of any residue left over.

5.    Exhaust Fan
Your exhaust fans assists in removing moisture from the air. This is vital as our bathrooms tend to get steamy. Check the status of your exhaust fan. If it has dust or grime, it’s probably a good idea to clean it. Without this, your bathroom is prone to grow mold and mildew. 


6.    Toothbrush Holder
Now I sure hope most of you are changing your toothbrushes regularly, but did you ever think of changing the toothbrush holder? The holder is often filled with a lot of bacteria, germs and sometimes mold! Be sure to clean this often to prevent germs from spreading! Hot water and soap always does the trick.

Now after reading all of this, I’m sure you’ll all be running to get your bathrooms as clean as you possibly can!