6 tips on washing your car at home


We are finally getting to the kind of weather where you can wash your car outside, rather than using a car wash. There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to washing your car properly, so here are some tips on how to get a gas station car wash at home:

1.    Park your car in the shade
Believe it or not, washing your car in the shade is actually much better for your vehicle. This is because it prevents premature drying. If the car dries too quickly, it could leave splotches on the paint. Washing your vehicle in the sunlight also makes cleaning more difficult. If your car is out in the sun, water evaporates quicker.

2.    Read all labels
This is a very crucial step when cleaning your vehicle. Many car cleaners contain different kinds of chemicals and varies from brand to brand. An example of this would be if you were to use a chrome wheel cleaner on aluminum, there’s a risk that it can ruin the wheel. This is because of the acid contained in the chrome wheel cleaner. Always be extra cautious!

3.    Washing the wheels
After rinsing your car with just water, you should always begin washing the wheels before the body. More times than not, your wheels are the dirtiest part of the car. This is so you know dirt rinsed off the wheels won’t get onto your already clean car. Another tip; if the wheels are already relatively clean, use a sponge or a mit to clean them as you would use for the body. This will get off extra dirt.


4.    Washing the body
Like I said previously, it’s a great idea to use a large mitt to wash the body of your car. Before you begin scrubbing, soak the mitt in water and soap. Avoid using a brush to clean the exterior because brushes can sometimes leave scratch marks.

5.    Separate by section
You will get better results if you wash your car in sections, specifically beginning at the top. If you start at the top of your car, it will allow soap to drip down on the rest of the vehicle.  It’ll also help you from washing the same part twice! 

6.    Rinsing
It’s really important to keep your car wet when rinsing. This will prevent water droplets from drying on the body of the vehicle. Once you think your car has been rinsed enough, dry it with a towel before it air dries to get a better shine.