Artist Profile - Visual Arts Mississauga Creative Resident Anran Guo

VAM’s new exhibition Now Streaming will be on exhibition February 4-17.  VAM will host artists working in experimental processes using a combination of traditional and new media. This year’s exhibition will be co-curated and exhibited by VAM’s Creative Residents (VCR). Join us for music and art at the Reception on Friday February 8 from 7-9 pm.

 In this profile, we feature Visual Arts Mississauga Creative Resident Anran Guo.


1. How long have you been creating for?

I have been creating visual art works for about three years, I did not expect myself to be an artist when I was young.

2. What inspired you to create?

  I used to express my ideas in writing, but when I came to Canada I experienced language frustration, I   accidentally found out I can express my ideas in visual art and people can understand it, that is the thing inspired me creating art.

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3. What goals do you have for 2019?

 I have already applied for grad school, my goal is to get in to U of T’s master of Visual Study in Studio Art, and be able to have a solo exhibition.

4. Where would you like to be creatively in the next three years?

 I plan to stay in GTA for my next three years keep working in sculpture and installation.


5. What's your preferred creative medium and why?

 I like to use ordinary daily objects, because everyone is able to be related to these very common objects, so the visual information is relatively easy to understand for the audience.

6. What attracted you to the Now Streaming exhibition?

I am attracted to Now Streaming because this is an exhibition targeting young people and asking artists to present something new, it is very important to break public’s stereotyped understanding of what art is.  


The VAM Creative Residency is generously funded by the Community Foundation of Mississauga

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