4 Tips for Making Your Perfect Entertainment Room

Whenever you move into or buy a new house, you’ve probably taken a tour or two to see how you would do things. You may move the couch to the side, repaint the kitchen or put in a few much needed ceiling fans to help you beat the summer heat.

 When it comes to your entertainment room, a lot can change depending on the size of your room, what kind of equipment you have and many other factors. You’ve already spent a lot of time cleaning, so now it’s time to think about more enjoyable things.

Whether you have a movie theater set-up ready or a tiny room, all of these tips can help you get the most out of your entertainment room for optimal viewing pleasure.

The TV


First things first, let’s start with your TV.
Before you start shopping through different brands and types of TVs, there are two important things you’ll need to ask yourself: what will I be using this TV for and just how big is this room?

 Finding out what you’ll be using the TV for will help you determine which TV to purchase. You might be confused by all the numbers, letters and combination thereof and that’s normal. One thing that’s all the rage these days are 4K TVs. While 4K TVs look like they’re here to stay, there isn’t much that’s being made in terms of 4K.
Some streaming services offer content in 4K but not all do. There are 4K DVD players but you won’t be able to find all movies in 4K. Not even gaming has caught up to the 4K trend.

 If you don’t care about 4K, then don’t go spend your money on a big TV. Think about if it’s going to be for network TV, streaming, gaming or all of the above.

The second most important thing to consider is the size of your room. The general rule of thumb is about 1.5-2 inches of viewing space with your TV. So if your TV is 50 inches, you should sit about 100 inches away from the screen. That will give you optimal viewing.

The Room


So you already have your TV positioned at the perfect place, but what else needs to be done?
To keep out light and sound, invest in some good curtains to make sure you don’t get a nasty glare off the side of your TV or you can hear all the background noise from outside.

If your room is next to the kitchen or other busy room, think about getting some sound blockers to put at the bottom of the door. It’s not a perfect solution but it will help block some of the noise coming in.

When it comes to seating, that’s up to you. You can either get a big couch for everyone or have you throne of a reclining chair.

The Sound


Most people are perfectly content to simply use the sound coming from their TV. It’s easy to control and there’s no setup required.
If you’re looking at going for surround sound, you’ll need to check the size of your room first. It might be tempting to immediately jump at the 5.1 surround sound, you may be able to get by with a 2.1 system or simply a high quality sound bar at the front.

Wired sound is still the way to go as well, but wireless speakers have been making a big push over the last few years. They tend to be a bit more expensive but if they’re in your budget, go for it. That means less tripping over things for you and less distraction for your cat.

The Content


Finally, the best part. We’re talking about content!
When it comes to your streaming services, you have a ton of options to choose from and even more with Disney and NBC launching their own services within the next year.

You also want to have access to your local cable and other services, so why not get a device that does it all? It’s much easier to have everything in one simple spot so you’re not switching back and forth between remotes and applications.

Make it easy on yourself and have the best entertainment room amongst your friends, always perfect for the big game or the latest movie.